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An Interactive Workshop  

November 19, 2016 at 11:00 AM

@ Hunter’s Threads Store 2124 Taraval Street SF

$50 per person

Facilitated by Christina Pandolfo, MS, OTR/L, NC


In this one -hour workshop participants will learn:

  • The effects of (chronic) stress on the body and what to do about it

  • Therapeutic nutrition and easy meal planning that help to support the body when under stress

  • Vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs that help to maintain homeostasis in the body and support the body under stress

  • How simple morning + evening self-care rituals soothe the body

  • Self-care approaches to help decrease anxiety + stress

  • Soothing breathing exercises and meditations

  • How to incorporate the 7 self-care habits that keep you as healthy as possible and keep your stress under control

  • The health hazards that increase toxic load and stress to your body

  • How self-care is an act of self-love, especially as a parent and caregiver


Participants will leave this workshop with:

  • A personalized self-care plan designed to nourish you from the inside out and keep stress under control

  • An original workbook to support you with the topics covered including handouts on topics covered & recipes


Healthy snacks will be provided!

Email sarah@buildlearnthrive.com to register

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