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Play-based groups, consisting of children of a similar age and developmental history.  Play-based groups will be 50 minute sessions, which include 40 minutes of direct contact with an occupational therapist and speech and language therapist and 10 minutes of question/answer with parents/caregivers. Play-based groups will be all-girl, all-boy, and co-ed, with a minimum of two kids and a maximum number of 4-6 kids, and they will be led by occupational and speech therapists, and will focus on:

  • Hands-on Learning with 3D Printing 

  • Sensory-Motor Development through music

  • Social Communication and Peer Interaction

  • Expressive and Receptive Language Development

  • Outdoor Life Skills

  • Pre-Writing/Handwriting skills

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Every kid is unique and we celebrate that by offering a diverse range of services that will ensure you and your child receive the tools you need for him/her to truly thrive. We care about making all of your experiences with us fun and easy, without missing any of the important details.


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