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 Build Learn Thrive  is excited to partner with  Threads for Therapy  Seesaw  and  Kyo  to deliver services that will help children with and without disabilities achieve their personal best in school and life, regardless of economic background.

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Through Build Learn Thrive’s partnership with Threads for Therapy’s, experienced therapists will lead the following:


  1. Play-based groups, consisting of children of a similar age and developmental history.  Play-based groups will be 50 minute sessions, which include 40 minutes of direct contact with an occupational therapist and speech and language therapist and 10 minutes of question/answer with parents/caregivers. It will be offered 1/x per week for 6-week sessions in order to allow other families access to these free services. Play-based groups will be all-girl, all-boy, and co-ed, with a minimum of two kids and a maximum number of 8 kids, and they will be led either by an occupational and speech therapists, and will focus on:

    1. Social Communication and Peer Interaction

    2. Expressive and Receptive Language Development

    3. Motor Development

    4. Pre-Writing/Handwriting skills

    5. Self-Regulation


Parent questionnaire will be filled out on the Threads for Therapy's website. Build Learn Thrive will review completed questionnaires. If your child is a good candidate for the play-based groups, Build Learn Thrive staff will conduct a thorough parent interview in order to understand your child better and his/her needs.

  1. Monthly free occupational and speech screening sessions (Registration is needed as space is limited).

  2. Monthly parent workshops on topics that will educate and connect parents. Examples of workshops include:

  • Workshop on ways to help kids develop pre-writing skills

  • Workshop on fine motor development

  • Workshop for parents of children with language delays and social communication challenges.


Seesaw is a studio for families encouraging social-emotional well-being.

Our team of child psychologists and multi-disciplinary specialists provide strength-based evaluation, therapy, parent coaching, school consultation and social emotional classes in our beautifully designed studios. We specialize in working with children and adolescents (12 months to 18 years of age).


Kyo offers child-centric ABA therapy services to children with autism in homes, schools, and the community. Their clinicians are expert at working with each family to create customized learning goals and an individualized plan to target the skills that are most meaningful to them. Kyo therapy sessions are guided by each child's unique interests. By incorporating their favorite activities, and by using a fun, quick pace of instruction, kids are engaged immediately, maximizing their learning. Kyo’s goal is to make every moment count for the children and families they serve. Learn more and enroll at

Threads for Therapy
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